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    Reason why you need 200 SG to redeem a code.

    You know about the 200 SG before redeeming any code.Well,that's because some people make multiple accounts and type same code in different accounts so they can get more chests and of course,better rewards.I hope you understand the logic of 200 SG before redeeming a code.

    22 january 2020 18:53 1628

    Yep its totally logic

    22 january 2020 19:38 1628

    to not spam when you wanna level up cause it wont let you lvl up

    26 january 2020 21:40 1628

    Im sorry if someone thinks im spamming,i just want to answer every comment or questions on my thread,because sometimes one comment isnt enough to answer all question on a thread.Again,sorry for misunderstanding.

    26 january 2020 21:42 1628

    who would need an explantion on it tho?

    26 january 2020 21:59 1628

    very cool

    27 january 2020 02:52 1628

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