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    CS:GO Ranks and how to Improve

    This guide can help you improve in Counter Strike Global Offensive and make you next pro player or just better at Counter Strike Global Offensive.

    About Compettive ranks
    To earn your competitive rank you need to play competitive matches! You will earn your first rank when you get 10 wins on competitive. To reach higher ranks you will need to improve your aim, game knowledge and a lot of smokes and pop flashes. If you master these things you can reach very high ranks but on the way to global you will deal with cheaters, smurfs, trollers, salty people, rage quitters, Russians.


    The aim is one the most important thing in CS: GO, no matter how a good knowledge of the game you have if you have bad aim people are going to kick you or insult you. To get better aim you can go play Deathmatch or Go to AIM maps, you can find them on the workshop page. To get the best aim maps you can search the most subscribed or top rated. This will take a lot of time but at the end, it will pay off and you gonna have better aim. Besides aim you need to improve reflex, this is more for AWPers, better reflexes can help you in crucial information. To have good reflex have a sensitivity between 1.5 - 3.

    Pop Flashes and Smokes

    Good knowledge of smokes and pop flashes can help you take or retake sites easily and can be very helpful in the 1v1 situation.

    Game knowledge
    Game knowledge is very important in CS GO. To improve game knowledge is to play CS GO Competitive, Play with high-rank friends and watch Pro Players. There are everyday pro matches if you want to find schedule go to HLTV. This will help you understand the game better and you will be able to use some pro players strats to outplay enemy team. The more you gonna play this game the better you will become.


    Once Terrorists plant the bomb comes hard part where you need to retake site, there are some workshop maps that can help you with retakes.

    Teamwork and attitude
    Team charisma is very important in cs go in order to win a game. A bad attitude will not help the team and raging at someone who fails to clutch is not helping at all. If your teammate fails to clutch or does something stupid DO NOT RAGE at your teammate but respond nicely and calmly and tell them where they made mistake and try to tell them how to improve it and in some case INCOURAGE them. Psychologically people respond better to people who don't rage or scream at their teammates.

    Crosshair and setup
    You need to have the crosshair that suits you and not copied from some pro player. To get your crosshair go to this workshop map choose a crosshair that you most like.
    Most players play on 16:9 stretched. This makes bodies bigger in size and makes them easier to hit and give you more fps then normal 16:9. If you more of 4:3 type player your advantages will be better fps performance, 4:3 is the best for AWPers, the downside of this is that you won't be able to see 180ˇ like on 16:9.

    Once you reached global the best way to do is to go on alt sites such as FaceIt, ESEA, and Gfinity.
    If you are from EU, most people will recommend you to go to Faceit. To play with pros you need to qualify for FPL (Fantasy Pro League).
    You probably saw some NA players such as Moe, Dazed, Stewie2k they are playing on ESEA.There you have ranks from A, B, G, S etc. These alt sites are better than normal MM for following reasons:
    • Better Anti-Cheat system
    • If you are very good, some teams can notice You
    • People who will troll will receive worse punishments than in normal MM

    21 january 2020 16:53 1625

    Very usefull article 💯

    23 january 2020 03:50 1625

    You should make this an article.

    23 january 2020 13:36 1625

    thanks for the help, i really needed it

    23 january 2020 14:14 1625

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