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    My first contract in Second Life.

    So we have all heard of or tried a game like Second Life. I am here to chronicle my first 30 minutes playing and getting my first contract for Gamehag completed.

    So there have been many games like Second Life, most notably for me the game hub they had for the Playstation 3 when it came out and later the 4 I believe. This game is unlike the games in the same genre that are kind of similar to it because it is an actual alternate life simulator. It is truly unlike any of it's rivals in the sheer scope of what it is and where you can go. What I like the most about Second Life, at least so far, is the breadth of things you can do and the options available to you, the player, and everyone else in the game around you. From talking and chatting, conversing about any subject as long as it is consenting, to fishing to dancing in a night club in one of the many exotic locations. The ability to become basically who and what you want is a very tempting one. Ones time in Second Life can be very satisfying and well spent if you are a little more introverted than extroverted, giving people like me, and like most gamers, the social interaction they so desperately crave at times.

       My time started with a contract, play and add 7 friends, to which I immediately jumped into. So adding friends can actually be a little tricky if you are teaching yourself what to do. There is a "nearby" option in the chat and you can see who is within 130 in game feet from you, but outside of that range when you attempt to add someone, it goes into their messages instead of prompting them. You can, as evidenced by my last sentence, look up people in the same zone to add them, but unless you are "face to face" with the person, the prompt to accept your invitation to add is put in to their messages which they manually have to check. This all in done through the use of drop down menus. After getting used to the controls it is pretty easy to navigate and talk to people though. And, unlike many other "social experiment" games, the people in Second Life are actually rather welcoming.

       I will probably write future articles documenting my adventure in Second Life but I hope this one was helpful for new players just to tell them what to expect, especially if they accept a similar contract. The contracts I believe, at least for new players, will be things like "Add 7 friends" or "Visit 5 locations" versus the win/lose conditions in normal games. I am not sure how lucrative, gem-wise at least, doing these contracts in this game will be, as I am new to Gamehag as a whole, but I guarantee they will be absolutely achievable. Good Gaming my friends and I'll see you soon!

    21 january 2020 11:59 1625

    awsome article, Keep up the good work! :D

    23 january 2020 15:45 1625

    good one. i have never played it myself

    23 january 2020 19:09 1625

    rarr ara fa a ff a eaf a af

    23 january 2020 20:14 1625

    Good job nice article

    23 january 2020 20:53 1625

    awsome article, Keep up the good work! :D

    7 february 2020 21:02 1625

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