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    Best games for mid-end rigs.

    We all know that the AAA titles need a powerful rig,but many of us,even i can't afford it,we may own a mid range PC...so here is some list of games that can hit 60+ fps 1080p resolution.

    The list of best games are:

    1. Far Cry 3


    2. NFS Run


    3. NFS Hot Pursuit


    4. NFS Most Wanted 2


    5. Hitman Blood Money


    6. Prince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands


    7. Assassin Creed 3


    8. Devil May Cry 6


    9. Battlefield 3


    10. Tomb Raider


    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


    Resident Evil 7 is a horror genre survival game. Biohazard is the 11th main entry of Resident Evil franchise. The game is all about surviving. The graphic in the game is so much better and realistic. The quality, texture, scary sounds and the creepy location sums up to be much better. Those who love challenges will find this game very fascinating. Resident Evil 7 franchise is very different than the previous ones where the protagonist has acquired strong combat skills, this game Shook’s nearly a real-life experience. Experiencing yourself is nothing like hearing from others so play it yourself by downloading it from the link below.



    We have always seen aliens in many Sci-fi movies, well now it’s time to shoot them. Prey is a first person shooting game where we shoot a lot of alien like creatures. This game is about the alien invasion in a space station where they hunt humans and kills everyone in sight. It is a survival shooting arcade game which allows shooting heavy arms. The graphic is astounding with an excellent gameplay. Installing and playing at a low graphic won’t be a problem in medium spec PC.

    Halo Wars: Definitive Edition


    Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is a strategy based war game. This game is an enhanced version of Halo Wars which was one of the best game in 2009. The game is about an iconic war between the Covenant and UNSC. It is a heart pounding amazing action war game with heavily armed armies shooting at each other. The story is very good with a quality graphic and this game can turn out to be a great time killer. Aside from the single player campaign mode this game also offers online multiplayer battle.

    Sniper Elite 4


    Sniper Elite 4 is an award winning third person tactical action shooting game. This game is so beautifully presented with very much violence, adventure, strategy, ambition, war, single combat, multiplayer and much more. Experience the thrilling long-distance shoot, awesome gameplay, and sight of advance world war 2. Adapt extensive ammunition in an expanded campaign with unrivaled sniping freedom. The game is based on actual Italian scenario supporting real-time action. This game so much more than just words so download it now from the link below.

    For Honor


    For Honor is a medieval themed open world adventure action game. It is based on a historic soldier fighting and is categorized under hack and slash genre. It is third person game where the player can select historic medieval characters like knights, Vikings, and samurais. This game offers a great story with single and co-op multiplayer platform. For Honor can be played in six different variants of story modes. The game compiles amazing battle maps and arenas in variants of vivid location.

    Tekken 7


    Tekken 7 is an ultimate fighting game. Tekken 7 is a ninth installment and a continuity to Tekken series. 2017 released Tekken 7 of course, is similar to the previous Tekken franchise but with much more improvement. The ultimate fight with an extraordinary 3D battle tends to develop the game excellently. New character and locations are introduced in the game. This game is so advance with the realistic graphics and innovation.

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam


    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a first-person strategy based tactical shooting war game. It’s a sequel to 2013’s one of the best shooting game Rising Storm. It offers an excellent gameplay with outstanding story. This game offers intense tactical action up to epic 64 player battles, including more than 30 different variants of authentic weapons, asymmetrical warfare and much more. If you are looking for a shooting/war, Rising Storm 2 can be a great choice.

     minimum requirements to run smoothly:
    1. i3 3rd gen
    2.6 gb memory
    3.30 gb of free disk space
    4.2 gb video memory

    21 january 2020 11:37 1625

    Good list bro...

    2 february 2020 22:42 1625

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