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    I would like to play GTA. I need your help.

    Well this is it. I reached the end of the road. I have done everything known to man besides begging in an attempt to get this game. Money? Needs to be spent on groceries. SG? Gambled on chests and lost. I even earned 500 sg in time for my weekend chest but as soon as they validated my screenshot they deleted my chest. I have also tried other game earning services, and now im down to this. Im begging for a GTA V key. Thats it. Im done. I can even trade you a 0.99$ steam key, but otherwise i got nuthin. Thanks. Bye.

    21 january 2020 05:51 1628

    I'm gonna try one more time. So this is just a bump.

    Thanks for the dislike!

    22 january 2020 15:29 1628

    Bump for fun

    23 january 2020 04:49 1628

    people dont dislike

    23 january 2020 07:23 1628

    Don't spend money on chest, easy as that. Save up untill you get a $10 Steam Wallet fund and they wait for Lord Gaben to bless us with one of his sales

    23 january 2020 11:58 1628

    save ur money brother

    23 january 2020 12:18 1628

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