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    Minecraft + DayZ = ?

    Open to find out ;)
    Well.. the answer to this question is "Unturned".
    unturned is a free indie sand box zombie that you can download from steam.
    It was made by "smartly dressed games" studio in 2014 and had many versions before it became the game it is today.
    But enough with the boring things let's talk about the good stuff...
    The game is free but you can buy for it "gold subscription" and have many items you can trade with other people on.
    The game gives you a lot of flexibility and let you enable costum plugins in your server, costum maps and let you create different skins and vehicles via the workshop.
    more of that, this game has low requirments and almost a potato can run it.
    Unturned has a large community that made of nice and kind people that have answers for any question you have.
    I'm playing Unturned for 5 weeks from today and I must say, if they were selling this game, they were millioners by now.
    This game is fun and highly enjoyable and i gurantee that every boy or girl, woman or man will have fun while playing this game!
    you can never get bored from this game and you can make great friends there.
    even when you get bored from chopping wood or killing zombies you can always switch to something else like building or grinding.
    you can get creative and build amazing bases or you can go crazy and assemble a little army in the server!!
    The point is that this game is amazing,highly recommanded(you can also see that the comments in steam about it are very positive) and for a free game it just worth downloading!
    do it now!

    1 september 2017 15:07 1625

    Minecraft + Dayz, Unturned, Last day.

    26 july 2019 16:51 1625

    All of you play minecraft

    26 july 2019 16:58 1625

    good all playing minecraft

    26 july 2019 17:05 1625

    The game is ok but gets boring pretty quickly

    26 july 2019 20:31 1625

    Its a great idea

    26 july 2019 21:40 1625

    Played the game but found it very boring , it just isn’t my type of game

    26 july 2019 23:14 1625

    Minecraft is a really fun game

    27 july 2019 00:04 1625

    unturned is kinda dead nobody plays it anymore.

    1 august 2019 11:15 1625

    Unturned is a fun game!
    But havent played it in quite a while :/

    1 august 2019 11:28 1625

    Open to find out ;)

    2 august 2019 07:03 1625

    thanks for the info

    2 august 2019 20:27 1625

    I love minecraft

    4 august 2019 02:41 1625

    unturned is boring

    5 august 2019 11:56 1625

    It's good player

    5 august 2019 13:35 1625

    it is alot of fun like just haven't done it in a while

    6 august 2019 18:18 1625

    it would be good i think

    6 august 2019 18:20 1625

    I've been hearing a lot about Unturned recently and it seems interesting enough. Problem is, I don't exactly have anyone to play with. I don't suppose either of you or anyone else, know of someone who streams/does let's plays of it?

    7 august 2019 10:00 1625

    I've played it before, but I used to have a bad computer. This thread made me remember it and I will probably try it again. Thanks!

    7 august 2019 11:16 1625

    minecraft is the best theres addons you can play bed wars

    7 august 2019 13:13 1625

    minecraft isnt dead

    7 august 2019 16:05 1625

    mod for minecraft?

    7 august 2019 18:29 1625

    Good article i realy liked this

    8 august 2019 00:36 1625

    Thank you for the article

    8 august 2019 00:36 1625

    Mine Z craft

    8 august 2019 14:13 1625

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