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    Fastes Way To Get Badges On Roblox

    Theres some games that will get you badges easy
    How to get badges in roblox fast.

    1. Badge walks

    There is some games that is called Badgewalks when you just go on a road were you will get badges
    most are scams but some work and then you will get 40+ badges in 1min

    2. Survivor (BETA)

    Survivor is a game simulating the tv-show
    Join the game Survivor (BETA) and wait for it to start.
    i recommend to rejoin the game until its 5 left, then wait like 10min and when it starts you should get a badge playing your first game

    3. Jailbreak

    Jailbreak is a game were you escape a prison and rob banks
    there is multiple ways you can do it but here is the most basic ways

    A. Escape the prison in any way get a car and drive to the gun range or Criminal base
    After drive to the bank wait untill its open then you need luck and wait for someone with a key card and get by the lasers and blow up the door to the vault and collect 1 000 dollars then just get out and you will get a badge.

    B. While escaping the prison get behind a cop and pickpocket him/her by holding left click, when the bar is full two things can happen 1. you get a key card 2. you get a gun if you get a keycard you done it right, if you get a gun you need to do the same thing again. when you get a keycard do the same thing in a and go to the bank wait to its open and then rob the bank. you will need a keycard to open it so if you don't have one you need to wait like in A, rob it get out you will get a badge

    1 september 2017 14:49 1625

    In almost every game from roblox you get badges easily

    24 february 2019 19:09 1625

    There was a game with pikachu badges and you could get really alot🐸

    25 february 2019 16:00 1625


    28 february 2019 11:49 1625

    Thanks That Helps Me A Lot Im A Roblox Gamer
    :) :)

    28 february 2019 13:20 1625

    Gamehag Is So Useful You Can Get Prizes

    28 february 2019 13:20 1625

    Badges are easy to get

    28 february 2019 19:16 1625

    I play roblox

    28 february 2019 19:24 1625

    Its easy to get badges in Roblox

    28 february 2019 20:03 1625

    Cooll man!

    28 february 2019 20:27 1625

    amazing now i can get em easier

    28 february 2019 20:56 1625

    good job i love it

    1 march 2019 07:46 1625

    Nice tips for gettin it

    1 march 2019 12:25 1625

    Good job . nice tips nice articles

    1 march 2019 13:46 1625

    Not even sure why would anyone need badges, since ROBLOX doesn't even keep the count of badges for every user, but as mentioned in other posts, the fastest way to get them is by visitng the games with ''badge walks'', and if you do that, then please thumbs up/favourite the game, because the creator of the game has spent a lot of robux, example, if the game has 50 badges, then the creator spent 5000 robux on that game, for you to walk on mere badges, (1 badge is 100 robux), so really, if you use these walks, then please help the creator of it by doing just simple steps that will take you no more than a minute.

    2 march 2019 16:06 1625

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