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    Your Favorite Games?

    So im about to type random stuff for dem gems,read for all i care
    Here's a list of my favorite games:

    1. Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt
    2. Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings
    3. Warframe
    4. TF2
    5 Sniper Elite 3

    So lets start so i can post this, bla bla gotta talk about these games...

    Witcher 3 , is by far the best game i played, the graphics are awesome, and so is the fighting, but the game doesnt follow the books that i read.. Still a big fan doe!

    Witcher 2, all praise just like Witcher 3.

    Warframe...muscly robot ninjas in space, who cares right, its pretty much a grind fest. I started playing back in 2013/14 and i still go in once a week to check it out, but the game is great overall.

    TF2 aka Hat Simulator, is a game where you need to spend money, because if you dont have an unusual or a bills hat (which isnt special anymore since you can sell it at the market) you dont have the xXx-Skillz-xXx. You also shouldnt bodyshot with a sniper, thats really bad and you should go to jail if you do it.

    Sniper Elite 3, what can i say, a great game, and you can shoot german scrotum's, so thats a plus...yeah. i think im about done with this thing.

    PS: I really dont care about these, i just wrote em for the gems, cuz i have the right, right? So dont respond or anything, cuz if you take me seriously, you're a meathead.

    1 september 2017 14:40 1625

    This game maybe ♥

    25 february 2019 08:44 1625

    Assassin's Creed series, Resident Evil series, CS:GO, DOTA 2 (former), TF2 (sometimes). I'm a fan of puzzle games and also games that are mysterious and adventurous.

    25 february 2019 15:20 1625

    MY Favorite Games are
    all game

    26 february 2019 03:56 1625

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