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    Dota 2

    Dota is one of my favorite game so today made a small review about this game.Since this is my first making a review so I hope you  guys enjoy it and leave comment if you have anything dislike about my review
    Dota 2 is a strategy game which is the same as any MOBA game.This game is full of surprise for player,the outcome of the could change any moment if the player makes a small mistake or we could say the outcome is unpredictable.In dota, we have hundreds different kind of hero in DotA.A player can choose whatever hero that they want to play, there are lots of different build for every hero in dota.There are two main type of hero in DotA which are carry and support or we can say baby sitter.Carry is the one who helps the team win and the support is the one who protects the carry and helps them to farm.Farming is a way for the hero to gain experience and gold.When hero reach to a certain amount of item and experience, they will start to go around the map for ganking other heroes.Usually, mid laner is the one who gains the most experience since they are alone unlike other like lane which usually has 2 to 3 hero in one lane and the experience is shared.
      Around the map, there are 6 places that you can take the rune.Rune is the thing that gives you bonus gold or regeneration or maybe bonus speed for your hero in a certain amount of time.The rune will appear every 2 min.There are 3 towers in each lane, the tower shoots any target that inside of it range and tower deal lots of damage to your hero so try not to get hit by the tower.There are lots of thing that player can discover in dota, like most people say the more you play the more you know.
      In DotA, a normal match is usually about 45min or longer but if you make stupid and your team doesn't play as a team so the game could end in 30min so it depends.Every match of dota is different from other none of them are the same, each game of dota is unique and there are endless thing waiting for players to discover.This is a pretty tough, to be honest, you will suffer from lots of challenge in order to understand the game and you need to to spend hours to practice if you want to be good at this game.
       These are just normal information about dota, there are still lots of things that you need to know since this is a free to play game so I highly recommend for you guys to try it.You guys might like it or find it too diffucult to play but thought its still worth to try.

    1 september 2017 14:27 1625

    DotA is certainly a good game, but its community is not very. You need to be a strong enough person not to be thrown into it, but to pay only a couple of hours.

    25 march 2019 16:34 1625

    Community problems are solved if you get to know a bunch of people and play only with them. Playing public games will give you hard times

    1 april 2019 03:43 1625

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