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    Okay so I will tell you guys how I leveled up really fast and I am now level 5and a half : 1. Complete the tutorial 2. Enter the first codes without the huge requirements 3. Complete contracts on the first wall (It is the best for me cause it has good support if the games arent added automatically after you have done your part) 4. Chat around , dont spam, there are actually some good threads around and spamming doesnt reward you (no points counted if you comment too much or too often) 5. Login Daily and check for new offers! 6. World of Tanks must be the easiest one around to do, just create an account from the page you were redirected from gamehag (really important!) So I guess thats it all, if you need any help, comment below and let me know, how i can possibly help ;)

    31 august 2017 15:55 1628

    Thank you

    31 august 2017 16:08 1628

    Lineage 2, Crossout, World of Tanks and World of Warships all give decent gem rewards for the requiered tasks.

    31 august 2017 16:09 1628

    Unfortunately not all of them are available in all regions

    31 august 2017 17:56 1628

    Yeah there are a few I'd like to get on that isn't in my region but mainly the games that give highest gem rewards are also the best in gem/time ratio when it comes to tasks.

    31 august 2017 20:16 1628

    chat the gamehag then type your question

    11 september 2019 10:19 1628

    What do i get out of leveling up?

    11 september 2019 11:45 1628

    thank you!!

    11 september 2019 11:51 1628

    you are a nice boy

    11 september 2019 11:52 1628

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