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    Can anyone help me get 500 SG fast and easy? I tried with minigames and tasks but is there another more efficient way to get SG?

    13 january 2020 14:58 1628

    yes, do some minigames. I respond cuz i rly wanna get more gems.

    13 january 2020 15:02 1628

    Thank you. Minigames are a great way of gaining Sg!

    13 january 2020 15:05 1628

    Do you get any sg for minigames. For me it not working i contacted Misty but they are not so helpful, wait and check 24h, try out other browser, disable adblock and delete cookies, caches etc. Just those solution not help in this situation...

    13 january 2020 16:28 1628

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