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    how to get lost of SG?

    I want to have 500 SG, but i don't know how. Can you tell me please?

    13 january 2020 14:54 1628

    You can get easy SG in the app zone!

    14 january 2020 19:02 1628

    That's easy sg but not a lot. In your case, when you only need 500 all you gotta do is watch ads for 2 days.

    15 january 2020 10:22 1628

    use your smartphone and watch some ads, you can watch maximum 100 per day at the same hour, in 5 days you will make 500 i guess, and if you login every day you will earn 5, in 7 days you will earn 20, and also if you have steam every day you can receive your prize on the colect rewards chest.

    15 january 2020 10:25 1628

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