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    my xp went down for no reason lol

    my xp went down and i havent even done anything

    12 january 2020 16:34 1628

    yeah, its a common glitch right now due to the increase of spamming; can't really do anything about it tho :(

    12 january 2020 23:18 1628

    yeah i just kind of accepted that i would gain exp for a while but just gotta hold in

    13 january 2020 00:08 1628

    Generic replies with only one sentence is more often than not considered spam by some aggresive moderators in my experience. Only reply if at a glance a mod won't be able to tell if it's spam or not, that's how you can avoid getting your XP reduced.

    13 january 2020 03:19 1628

    This site is so bad, first there are said glitches, then moderators who punish you as they like it, like what bro do I have to write a whole essay in comment for it not to be spam. Ive lost so much xp now and it keeps going down from time to time. Im thinking about qutting this whole thing, let the work put in go down the drain, I aint got nerves for this

    13 january 2020 03:24 1628

    Oof I'm sorry..

    13 january 2020 06:34 1628

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