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    CS:GO Skins - For Beginners

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins are cosmetic (not pay to win) designs for the weapons in CS:GO. A skin's worth can be determined by factors like the type of gun, rarity/drop rate, artistic style, the exterior and whether it's Stat-Trak, Souvenir or Normal.

    Types of Skins

    Skins come in these three general varieties, that are Normal, Stat-Trak, and Souvenir. All skins are classified Normal. Some are just Normal, others are also Stat-Trak or Souvenir but they can't be all three.


    If a skin is Stat-Trak it has a Digital LED Display that was track every kill you get in matches.


    If the skin is souvenir it was dropped at a large tournament randomly to people who were watching. Each one has a message that commemorates the game it was dropped. They are found in special weapon cases that are given to spectators at random, also coming with several stickers for the tournament and the teams playing.

    Skin's Wear/Exterior

    Every skin comes with a wear value when it is dropped. No matter how much the skin is used in games etc, the wear value (exterior) remains the same and can't be upgraded. The wear value for most skins will typically start at 0.00 and end with between 0.70 and 0.99. This value is also displayed on the skin but is separated into different grades, (in order from least to most worn) including Factory New, Minimal Wear, Field-Tested, Well-Worn, and Battle-Scarred.


    The wear on a skin is a visible feature that can either make the skin look pristine/clean or used and worn out. This means that the rarer Factory New skins are often sold for more than the Minimal Wear which can be sold for more than the Field-Tested skins (you get the point).

    Looking for Good Priced Skins

    If you don't mind the wear on a skin when looking to buy, you can get more expensive skins a lot cheaper. There are also some skins that look very similar to their better worn counterparts, with only minor diffferences.

    Looking at some of the many skin buying/selling websites can help you find the right skin that is in your price range. Not to mention the many videos that cover some of the greatest deals you can get for great looking skins, if you are looking for style.

    Making a wish list for skins you would like to get the most is a great idea as you can compare skins easily and see which ones you'd like to get first.

    This is a great time to note that on gamehag itself there a plently of skins you can buy for FREE with a little time spent on offers. So maybe you should start collecting Soul Gems and set a target on your favourite skin.

    When you think you're ready to buy you can look at the steam market for your particular skin. Skin prices can drastically fluctuate in a short amount of time, so if you think the skin is currently at a high point you should hold on for a few hours to see if there is a change.

    Now that you have your skin you can play Counter-Strike: Gloabal Offensive with it as much as you like. And if you're bored of it? Just sell it again on the community market or a trusted buying/selling website.

    Thanks for reading, and I wish you good luck buying skins!

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    This is very helpful, i didn't know much about CS:GO skins until i read this.

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    This will be very helpful for new players

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    did valve fix and banned all the hackers and cheaters o csgo?????

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