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    Introduction about Big Farm

    Big Farm is a pretty fun and addictive game! It mainly consists of farming, but you can do so much more than that.

    When first started, big farm gives you a plot of land. You are expected to farm the land and take care of the crop.

    As the game progresses, you begin to do other tasks as well. For instance, there is apple orchid to plant, and there are chickens and cows and pigs to take care of and rear and they will bring in products like eggs, porks and milks, which will lead to great profits. Typically, you begin by planting wildflowers, which costs you nothing for its seeds. Wildflowers are free to plant and gain you some kinds of free incomes. Then, you begin to plant corns which can be sold for profits or made into chicken feeds. Chicken feeds are used to feed the chicken, which can then laid eggs. Eggs are sold for a greater profits, than what the corns will have brought.

    As the game progresses, you begin to rear pigs, that will produce porks and rear cows that will produce milks.

    Initially, the game begins very fast and works at a fast pace. Buildings are built with lesser time, and things are produced at a fast pace. However, as the game progresses, it tends to take up more and more time to build a building or produce a product. For instance, wildflowers, which the game begins with, takes only a minute to plant and harvest, but apples take up to 3 hours to plant and harvest. The animals started with chicken which take 15 minutes to produce eggs, but cows take 7 hours to produce milk. Therefore, time management is a crucial part of the game.

    The game begins with one Main Farm, which consists of crops like wildflowers and corns and animals like chickens, pigs and cows. As the game progresses, two more farms are added to the game on top of the Main Farm. That is the Gourmet Farm and the Flower Farm. The Gourmet Farm comes after the Main Farm at a higher level. It consists of different types of crops from the Main Farm and includes new animals like ducks and donkeys. It also typically reap a higher profits than the Main Farm. The Flower Farm brings in high end products that will enable you to earn even more profits than the Gourmet Farm or the Main Farm.

    Besides these three farms, there are also temp farms. Unlike the three farms which are permanent in nature, temp farms are farms that last for just a month or so and at the end of the month, they will disappear. Therefore, it is not wise to invest money in temp farms since they don't last. The money spent on the game is best invested in the three permanent farms.

    Besides farming, the game also consists of fishing. Fishing can be quite fun and typically takes some kinds of skills to achieve. You throw a bait to the fish and try to catch the fish. As the game progresses, fishes tend to get harder and harder to catch, unless you upgrade your fishing gear.

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