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    Mobile Legends vs Arena of Valor?

    Which one is better in your opinion?

    12 january 2020 11:37 4295

    MLBB has horrible servers. Not only do they lag horridly, but half of the EU server is filled with Asians. Arena of Valor has far superior gameplay, however the matchmaking takes very long.

    27 february 2020 08:40 4295

    AoV is better because MLBB has stupid players

    27 february 2020 09:43 4295

    I still prefer MLBB

    28 february 2020 03:07 4295

    Still prefer to play MLBB kinda common for everyone to play but still too fun to play =3=

    6 march 2021 13:35 4295

    MLBB are better than AoV in my opinion because MLBB is a good game, lots of hereos, skins, and if you want to top up MLBB Diamonds you can visit website www.benetioneo.com

    11 march 2021 04:14 4295

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