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    The Forest

    I Want To Talk Today On My Favorite Game : The Forest
    I Want To Talk Seriously I Am Afraid With This Game He Is So Scary But It Still So Much Fun And Realisty That I Love It.

    The Story Is About A Plane That Crash In An Island Full Of Zombies And The Hero Need To Save Hes Kid From The Zombies.

    I Suggest You To Play This Game He Is Cost 15$ On Steam.

    The Game Have Also Multiplayer Game That You Can Play With Your friends And Exlorer Caves And So Much More.

    In The Game You Need Mostly To Survive Because There So Much Stuff That Can Kill You.

    There Are A Lot Of Caves And Secret Stuff In This Game That Gives You A Lot Of Really Good Stuffs Like The Katana Or Climbing Axe And Mush More.

    In The Game There Is Days And Every Day That Past The Zombies Getting Stronger And Harder To Kill.

    In The Game There Is A Lot Of Animals That You can Hunt Like :


    There Is An End For This Game After You Get The Cd Key You Get To A Giant Cave And Reallize That Everything Is So Technolagy And That Was An Expiriment On Humans that Went Wrong And They Become Zombies .

    So Now In The End That I Seen ( There Is An Diffrent End Now ) You Fight Aginst Boss And You Save Youre Son ( And Revive Him ).

    In The Game There Is Some Giant Creatures With A Lot Of Hands And Legs That Look So Wird Just Try To Avoid The They Are Really Strong Or Try To Burn Them Or Explode Them WIth Dynmite Or And Cutom Bomb ( Coins, Watch ,Tech Part, Booz)

    In The Game You Can Create So Many Things That Its Just Crazy.


    Look Come Pics Of The Game :


    - Its the Giant Monster : 


    And This Is Normal Zombie ( Ez To Kill ) : 

    Again This Is My Favorite Game So I Really Suggest You To Play In It

    29 august 2017 11:30 1625

    I was interested in this game i heard this game got smart ai. Might have bought it later if i have a friend to play with

    3 february 2019 11:22 1625

    It is a decent game, I had lots of fun with it in its early days on steam. Fun with friends too.

    3 february 2019 11:26 1625

    this game is very cool where are many things what you want to find or get

    3 february 2019 17:25 1625

    it is a pretty nice survival game, although pretty spooky. I've played it before and I have liked it pretty much
    The "article" on the other side... not so much. The Caps On Every Word Just Make Me Dizzy.
    Looks as if a child wrote it. It looks awful.

    8 february 2019 07:54 1625

    all i know is that this game is wery weird

    9 february 2019 22:01 1625

    how do you beat the gmame?

    10 february 2019 09:39 1625

    For me, it isnt actually scary and let me correct you, they are cannibals :)

    10 february 2019 10:49 1625

    This game is great to play co-op with friends. Cannibals are fun but be aware of jumpscares ;))

    10 february 2019 13:20 1625

    btw the forest is very cool game

    10 february 2019 15:20 1625

    Nice game but seem scary.

    10 february 2019 16:48 1625

    fun off survival games and challenging

    10 february 2019 20:51 1625

    Never really liked it.

    10 february 2019 20:52 1625

    better play other survival games like ARK or Rust etc...

    10 february 2019 21:25 1625

    Great game to be honest

    12 february 2019 06:26 1625

    best survive game!!

    12 february 2019 11:06 1625

    Great game. Go for it

    12 february 2019 12:00 1625

    the poin of the game is survival youre plane has fall at the land whit cannibals and you need to survive and get help and escape

    13 february 2019 06:10 1625

    Beautiful game

    13 february 2019 09:16 1625

    good game , very interesting to play if you know how

    13 february 2019 12:06 1625

    ‚Nice, but i think it'd be better if this was an article instead of a post.

    13 february 2019 12:48 1625

    Good game but the article is bad sorry

    13 february 2019 22:37 1625

    You can end this game in few hours...

    13 february 2019 23:50 1625

    I love The forest 💯

    14 february 2019 01:24 1625

    i remember the game was pretty bad in beta

    14 february 2019 19:59 1625

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