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    [WOT] Word of Tanks history

    Word of Tanks is a 3D-based multiplayer freemium video game that simulates battles between armed combat vehicles between the 1910s and the 1970s. The game is based on PvP,so the players fight each other.In the release, 140 US, Soviet, German, British, French,Chinese,Czech,Swedish and Japanese combat vehicles gave been deployed fog lightweight,medium and heavy tanks,armor hunters and self-propelled guns.The authors promise further European nations,including Italian and Polish tanks,as well as the addition of Hungarian and Romanian tanks. With these, there will be about 500 tanks to play.The game was released on April 12, 2011 in Europe and North America.

    Game modes:

    Players can choose from 6 deifferent modes of play: normal, special, stage, practicing and team battle, and tank squadron.

    Basic battle types:

    There are currently three game types in the normal battles: normal, battle and attack.Clash mode has been removed from the game in the meantime.


    The goal is to occupy the opponent's base or to destroy all opponents' tanks within 15 minutes. If the time expires, the outcome of the battle will be automatically drawn.

    The teams aim to capture the only neutral base of the track or destroy all other tanks in the other team within 15 minutes. If the time expires, the outcome of the battle will be automatically drawn.


    An attacking team must take the defensie team's base or destroy all opponents' tanks within 10 minutes. If the time is over, a defending team wins.


    Similar to the normal battle, only the two tankers of different nations fight each other Discontinued.

    Team battle:

    The maximum duration of the battles is 10 minutes, with the participation of 7 to 7 players. One of the most important features of the game mode is to draw teams of misilar skill based on a special algorithm. Each player can join a team or create a new team (like a tank squad), but you can also choose the car selection option. In this case, the program performs an automatic search by which you are looking for a team or looking for a player in the team's empty space.




    29 august 2017 11:23 1625

    i can't play the game with the nort and the sout toguether

    29 august 2017 21:50 1625

    Still good game after 1.0 update.

    9 march 2019 12:34 1625

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