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    Warframe worth to play? I'll answer.

    This will be my opinion, to get some interest of the game.
    So let's start, i play this game since it started. This game is about Co-op missions, ofcourse, u can do it alone, or with your premade friends.

    -Someone say, it's just a game about grind. It's true in a small %, u need to level up weapons, warframes, companions to get Xp to mastery rank up. 

    -It got a very beautifull game-mechanism, every warframe have it's own Pro and Con. The animations, the graphics are beautifull too.

    -Yet it isn't open world game, u have planets, and inside them have nodes, these are the missions of different types, like Exterminate(killing 138 enemy or less or more),
    Spy(hack 3 consoles) etc.

    -I know it's boring after a time, but there's addictive main guests, with good cinematics, and very addicting story (When i played the story guests it touched my heart, and im not a kid)

    -And soon, the game will launch a mayor update, and add open world where will be more chilling gameplays, like fishing, and just flying around the map, and there will be a very big world boss to hunt down.

    -In my opinion it's the best to play with friends, because it's a co-op focused game, but the PvP is also balanced and fun.

    -The clan, oh yes, the clan is a very usefull thing in the game, here u can research weapons, warframes, or decoration colors for your clan dojo, or just chill in the decorative rooms, or decorate rooms with trees, ponds, flags, colours etc.

    -The another great Pro of the game, the Platinum, the premium game currency (the normal is credit), u can trade them with other players. There are many rare and worthy premium weapon part or warframe part, that u can sell for some good Platinum. So u don't forced to buy platinum for real money, u can farm them, by time and hard work, so in my opinion, Warframe isn't a "pay to win" game.

    This is my opinion for the game, if you are interested in Warframe, feel free to comment, or private message me if u need help to get started.

    29 august 2017 11:16 1625

    sadly i don't have much time to spend on this one

    3 april 2019 07:35 1625

    Its a game worth playing, even without soul gems as rewards

    3 april 2019 07:43 1625

    i would recomend it

    8 april 2019 01:12 1625

    Awesome game

    10 april 2019 11:17 1625

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