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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    Force-buy on second round or not?

    What's your opinion on this? Should you save for a buy on 3rd round or not? Do you forcebuy only on t or ct side or on both? Thanks

    10 january 2020 23:36 808

    Im in silver, those rules dont apply there. Also I sometimes force with a Mac or MP9, go sneaky, be unpredictable and engage at close range. It usually works, result being me picking up guy's rifle

    11 january 2020 01:34 808

    Depends, If you lose, and you wan't to force buy, its no problem, but the biggest problem is that sometimes your team just doesn't listen and so some of your team buys smgs, while some don't buy anything.
    Coordinate with your team and everything is ok :)

    11 january 2020 02:08 808

    If you lose the pistol round just eco in the second round. If you win pistol round just buy an smg. Don't buy ak/m4 on second round even if you have the money to. This applies to both teams.

    11 january 2020 02:19 808

    eco is more safe

    11 january 2020 04:14 808

    im not high enough rank to care/consider it

    11 january 2020 13:00 808

    Nooo this is a shi*

    12 january 2020 03:40 808

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