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    League of legends players come here

    hello guys I am a league player that plays since s3 where the game was still not popular .
    since then I have been through many things and I learned basics and strategies that helped me to climb to diamond and stay there even if am not that active
    so in this article i ll talk in brief about these tips and tricks and share my experience with u guys and even more i would like to help some of u to reach their rank goal for free (if they play on eu server tho) .
    My summoner name is "Dr sleepy " on EUW server text me if u need anything guys and i ll gladly help u 

    To begin with , league is a very funny game so if u dont enjoy playing it there will be no point of climbing the ladder ,Therefor before u keep reading this if u dont enjoy the game just quint it and dont bother climbing the ladder and this is basically the first tip . If u play to enjoy and are having fun u ll just climb slowly and reach ur goal because u wont be probably tilted because of a couple of lose u took as long as u r playing to enjoy the game in the first place .
    Now lets get into the real talk . First of all in order to climb good u need to pick 2 main roles for u ( For me i play jung and support) . The main reason behind this is it makes u focus and learn the basic things for your rules and makes ur reflexes faster and build up ur knowledge about what to build ur jung pathing for example for every champ and ofc how to farm with each champ as there is a slight difference in the way u manage the waves and farming for example as a top laner which is usually with melee champs is different than that of adcs . Second main thing is to main few champs too. this is more important than it looks i know its very nice to have a big champs pool but too big is a bit hard to control . so i suggest that u focus on few champs as long as u r still climbing then try to extend it a little when u reach ur goal . For example u can main 2-3 top laners till u reach gold ( in case ur goal is gold tiers)
    then start trying other champs in normal games first till u get used on them then jump into ranks to practice harder. Third main thing is working on ur weakness points . We have 3 main skills : Mechanics ,Farm , and general awareness and decisions u make . No one knows your weakness better than u 
    so if u want to get better find ur weakness point and work hard to improve it . start with the one u lack the most then jump to the others when u master it 
    u can find many useful videos on how to lane with particular champs on youtube like for example if u main yasuo u could watch moe  aka yassou on youtube it ll be really helpful in the means of what to build when to play aggro and when to step back a little and play safe. The last tip from me for u is to be positive .Many players lose their games because they tilt easy and start flaming their team which makes them perform even worse so if u r looking to climb and be better u have to be a good teammate . cheering ur teammates and support them when they make mistakes will make it more likely to make decent come backs and play better as a team.
    In the end my summoner name is "dr sleepy" and i play on euw let me know what u think of this article and contact me if u need any help or if u would like to do some games for fun guys and thank u .

    10 january 2020 17:01 1625

    very good effort bro keep up the good work

    10 january 2020 17:02 1625

    Aha know one starts good bro its all good we can play if u want ,
    whats ur summoner name ?

    10 january 2020 17:13 1625

    Let me know what r u thinking of this gusy ?

    10 january 2020 17:15 1625

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