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    i keep getting tasks rejected

    so ive tried almost every game on here and i get almost all of them rejected for registration not going through the site. every single time it in fact did and there awful customer support just gave the response of "have you tried having registration go through the site" yes i in fact have i clicked the link i made an account i download the game i do the thing and they are convinced i didnt. i cant do anything to prove it. the only solution to this is for them to fix there tracking for this. because something is seriously wrong if it detects the exact opposite of what i did. this is nonsense

    9 january 2020 14:50 1628

    it doesnt help that there is no link to customer support on the site. its just the misty bot which repeats the same stock responses. it never solves the problem and just repeats their clealy nonsense claims

    9 january 2020 14:52 1628

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