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    petition on removing appzone required game tasks to unlock

    Ok i used to get 100 sgs per day but then they hit with this stipulation blocking appzone to do other tasks that was easy for me cause i just did some quizes and carried on but lately its not contracts what they want me to do they want me to do game tasks and my country is restricted on the number of game tasks i got so i completed those already now its been over 3 months and i get monthly 350 sgs only thanks to not being able to use appzone any more if more guys have similar issue that i am facing maybe we can do a petition to change this ruling back to doing other tasks like contracts so easily we do quiz and move on please participate in this discussion so we can get enough voices heard cheers

    7 january 2020 09:30 1628

    working on it

    8 january 2020 06:40 1628

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