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    How it works

    read if you want xp

    just type random things in the comments and you will get xp

    5 january 2020 19:04 1628

    and get reported for spam and loose your xp nice guide bro

    5 january 2020 21:33 1628

    baaaaad idea it would be better to post across the forums. dont spam

    6 january 2020 12:36 1628

    This is so bad, you will get BANNED or worse for spamming, you dude, yes you who created this whole post, you are a complete, idk what, i dont wanna swear, at least you know that spamming is bad

    10 january 2020 18:04 1628

    These poor people who are just lvl 1 or 2 are not aware of the danger of spamming. I got banned for month once for spamming. I after the ban i took it serius. Spamming is bad and dont fall for these t

    10 january 2020 18:05 1628

    if you spam you will lose xp and can get baned so be careful and don't spam .

    11 january 2020 10:30 1628

    you will lose exp if you spam, so don't

    12 january 2020 10:03 1628

    bruh dont spam one comment per thread is enough I lost my exp twice gamehag took it from me due to spamming

    12 january 2020 10:22 1628

    i like turtles skskskks

    13 january 2020 07:18 1628

    spamming is bad. you will most likely get a cooldown from it so naaaah.

    13 january 2020 13:17 1628

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