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    Most Important Positions in FIFA?

    I'd like to know what is the most important position in FIFA. I'm going to invest about 500K coins on a team and would like to know where to spend the most. Any responses or advices would be greatly appreciated!

    5 january 2020 11:45 6948

    I'm currently playing FIFA 20 on the Xbox 1 if this makes a difference in market price. Curious to see what you guys think because I'm leaning towards a more defensive team. I think that orientation may help my poor defense abilities.

    5 january 2020 11:47 6948

    I don't know answer for this question, but i think i can say that all positions are very important

    5 january 2020 11:57 6948

    Yeah I think I am going to stick with investing more in defense since I'm not that good at it... Thanks for your input though.

    5 january 2020 11:58 6948

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