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    Is there some kind of way to help new users understand better how bad spamming is? I feel like every time I log on now I scroll through 90% spam on the forms; obviously just posting information on it doesn't seem to be working that well, and I've seen the spammers just create more and more forms about "why level drop?" or "losing XP!" but most of the info. has been said many times. Would it help to add something to the tutorial about not spamming? I am not even sure what would work to help stop it but I am honestly tired of it.

    3 january 2020 22:59 1628

    An example? Or the spam or an idea? My idea is to add a bit to the tutorial that would explain how the forms work and how comments get reported and punished for being spam.

    3 january 2020 23:06 1628

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