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    can someone help me?well,i have 310 gems and i want to buy robux with it and i purchase the robux but it said i need to activate my account what should i do?

    pls help me before the robux sale is gone

    3 january 2020 01:35 1628

    Just go to the email you used to sign up. E.g. gmail, yahoo. Then find the confirmation message then click the link in the message. Then it will be activated

    3 january 2020 01:58 1628

    Is this true

    3 january 2020 02:03 1628

    you need to confirm thats this is your account by verifiying your gmail

    3 january 2020 02:39 1628

    Yeah like everyone said you have to verify your email before claiming any robux

    3 january 2020 10:30 1628

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