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    Gamehag on Huawei - Please help

    So, I have a Huawei phone and if I want to do a contract I get directed to the AppGallery (which then tells me that the game is unavailable in my region) instead of PlayStore. Is there a way to change the default store to PlayStore? Or how does the proof system even work?

    2 january 2020 13:28 1628

    did you put it that always it will open app gallery? and if it says it isnt in your region then prob play store wont do anything

    2 january 2020 14:07 1628

    I only use PlayStore, never before have I opened AppGallery, but it picks it over PlayStore.

    2 january 2020 16:35 1628

    Thing is, i find it on PlayStore but i don't know whether they accept it if the game isn't downloaded from the given source.

    2 january 2020 16:36 1628

    Yeah, i even try doing offers through Huawei, but it says that this OS or browser isn't supported.

    17 august 2021 18:43 1628

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