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    Gamehag problem

    so i there a delay between times when i get xp from commenting is there a limit per day?

    31 december 2019 17:16 1628

    yes, it is. 5 comments every day

    31 december 2019 17:35 1628

    what is this

    31 december 2019 22:56 1628

    So, if someone goes on one of those "spam for xp" threads and spams, someone can report everyone there for spam. It's not a good idea, it's better to just actually comment on stuff

    31 december 2019 23:24 1628

    Overall from everyone else said it is:
    You get xp from MAX 5 comments per day, if you spam you can get your comment reported and reviewed, if it is qualified as spam you can lose 10+ xp for EACH comment that got "Deleted". So yeah, you can lock this thread, because you got your answer ;)

    1 january 2020 09:00 1628

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