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    Gamehag problem

    so i there a delay between times when i get xp from commenting is there a limit per day?

    31 december 2019 17:16 1628

    yes, it is. 5 comments every day

    31 december 2019 17:35 1628

    what is this

    31 december 2019 22:56 1628

    do remember that if you spam comment those 5 comments, someone can you just report you, and it is up to the mods to determine whether it was spam or not, this could mean you lose xp rather than gain it, and potentially getting banned. :-)

    31 december 2019 23:13 1628

    So, if someone goes on one of those "spam for xp" threads and spams, someone can report everyone there for spam. It's not a good idea, it's better to just actually comment on stuff

    31 december 2019 23:24 1628

    Overall from everyone else said it is:
    You get xp from MAX 5 comments per day, if you spam you can get your comment reported and reviewed, if it is qualified as spam you can lose 10+ xp for EACH comment that got "Deleted". So yeah, you can lock this thread, because you got your answer ;)

    1 january 2020 09:00 1628

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