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    what's the maximum comments and posts that I can make per day?

    29 december 2019 13:28 1628

    But i hate getting reported for no reason losing xp

    29 december 2019 15:40 1628

    None. Why would they limit the number of comments and posts you can make? Now if what you actually want to know is the maximum number of comments and threads that contribute to your XP, then learn to read the FAQ. Now if what you actually want to do is spamming questions like you have done for the last few days, then don't.

    29 december 2019 15:44 1628

    chill, it's not a spam if I really need the answer + there is a limit I'm sure but idk how much

    29 december 2019 15:47 1628

    No, I have read your comments for a few days now. Throwaway lines like "?", "what?", "Me too", non-contributing comments like "I don't know", "What do you mean X?". All spam. And most of your questions can be answered if you have bother to read the FAQ and use the search function, but that would not net you any XP so you don't do that.

    29 december 2019 15:52 1628

    Yeah I don't really like spam

    29 december 2019 23:40 1628

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