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    Roblox is Not just a game remember

    i got scammed and roblox guys dont trust your bestfriend and anyone maybe they'll scam you i got scammed from my pretending best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    27 december 2019 07:45 2173

    Why did you post this lol

    27 december 2019 09:46 2173

    its important to not give in to scams no matter how desperate you get. sometimes it looks like its worth the risk looking for a free way to get stuff, but once you lose the things you already have you'll wish you had never taken that risk. Im sorry u got scammed.

    27 december 2019 11:59 2173

    It's just a game lmao

    27 december 2019 15:49 2173

    Rip you then. (Sad music plays)

    28 december 2019 23:36 2173

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