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    Game Description and Overview

    Considered as a multiplayer RPG, fantasy game, Darkmoon Realm provides a very unique hunting experience for anyone who plays it. Hop along and let's have some fun !

    At the begging of the game, you (as the player) will be summoned into a wonder world. This fantasy world consists of arena combats, infinite number of challenges, boss fights and dudgeon challenges. In this amazing game, you will need to gain loot by hunting demons and eventually you can increase your rank by saving the land from the chaos. In this game you can choose to join a guild or even create your own guild and lead it towards a better experience and more fun and teamwork with your friends.  

    Darkmoon Realm has a wide range of features, so keep up to get to know some of the most important ones. One of the most important features in this game is the customization, whereby you can customize your title, costume, glass, gear, wings and many more.  As mentioned earlier, being an amazing teamwork game, in Darkmoon Realm, you can build for your partners and they can build for you which is considered as an awesome forging of bonds between each other, 

    In terms of graphics and sound, Darkmoon Realm provides an excellent experience for its players. On top of that, this game seems to have a bit extra specification here with regards to narration. It’s a pretty nice change compared to other typical games. You can hear the narration, enjoy the game without getting bored.

    Darkmoon Realm is considered as a pretty generous game to its players. Whenever a new server is opened, starters get VIP 3 the moment they sign up to play on their latest server. There are many more other ways, such as the lucky packets containing free gems or the daily free treasure hunts and even players can get free loot as long as they scour each corner of the game’s interface.

    While playing Darkmoon Realm, you’ll have to choose one of three classes, mage, warrior, and priest. You also have an advantage of being able to choose your username. It is noteworthy that the gender is locked for each class and can't be changed. Darkmoon Realm offers a very casual game-play experience. This means that almost every aspect of the game are automated including auto-quest and auto-combat. This features make Darkmoon Realm a perfect game to play on the side even if you’re doing something else. The game provides an auto-battle option, your character can even auto-farm mobs and stage bosses alternately.

    In Darkmoon Realm, you can recruit heroes to help you in combat. Players start with one slot, but as they accumulate more achievements, they will be able to unlock the subsequent slot. There are many different qualities of companions that can be summoned and then deployed. Also, players can upgrade them in a variety of ways as long as they have sufficient upgrade materials at hand.

    Being free to play brings a big advantage to Darkmoon Realm, as many people are not ready to pay any money for games. The fun awaits ! Do not hesitate to join this astonishing game ! 



    26 december 2019 10:13 1625

    OK I will try it

    31 december 2019 01:12 1625

    am noob he is pro

    31 december 2019 01:57 1625

    i am pro

    31 december 2019 01:57 1625

    not you ur pro too

    31 december 2019 01:58 1625

    am so offical

    31 december 2019 01:58 1625

    Maybe i play it :D

    31 december 2019 06:21 1625

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