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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    How to Become a Pro CS:GO Player ?

    I want tips for becoming a pro at CS:GO

    24 december 2019 23:53 808

    Umm well you might want to get yourself to a proficient level first (or what many people jokingly tell each other “git gud”), as you can play multiple types of weapons well and train your techniques.

    25 december 2019 07:51 808

    just get some ainbot hacks at aimware scrUb

    25 december 2019 16:35 808

    dezdedag w dezdedag

    29 december 2019 13:34 808

    Practice your aim a lot

    31 december 2019 08:32 808

    If you want to get good at CS:GO you need to practice with maps like "Aim Botz" and maps like it. You can also go on community deathmatch servers with headshot only mode on. That will mostly train your aim and stuff. You can also go on Faceit, and play alot there. After all you choose yourself.

    31 december 2019 16:08 808

    U should work on your reflex, one taps, recoil control, teamwork and also you have to know the maps you are playing
    U should know where to plant the bomb, how to defuse
    learn the smokes in every map and you can even make your own smoking ideas by practicing
    spend time on practicing because everything can be better by practicing
    U can play on FACEIT and ESEA to play with good players and dont see any cheaters there!
    good job

    2 january 2020 06:40 808

    Practise and watch pros for tactics and utility usage!!! There are many channels on youtube for this kind of stuff!!

    2 january 2020 13:14 808

    you must practice your aim, movement

    2 january 2020 13:40 808

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