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    the site is 100% working and not a scam :D

    after claiming 5$ steam gift card I waited 72H then I contacted gamehag about my order and that was yesterday, after about 24H they said "We are currently investigating your order, please stay patient :)" and I just received my reward 2H ago. it took about 4 days to receive the reward after ordering it.

    23 august 2017 19:08 1628

    Nice to hear !!
    Down time will reduce in coming time as the site progresses

    23 august 2017 19:23 1628

    I claimed the same reward the 13th of this month and still didn't get it. I only get generic answers when I send an email.

    23 august 2017 19:30 1628

    nice to hear. I'm thinking about getting the steam wallet too. But I don't know if I should get the $5 or earn more gems for the $10 one

    23 august 2017 20:16 1628

    Oh yeaaah! OI'm so happy just to know it actually works. Now to grind 2000 more gems ;)

    24 august 2017 00:02 1628

    im aming for a 10euro card.. kappa

    24 august 2017 01:03 1628

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