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    Bleach Online

    The MMO Game of Bleach.
    What is Bleach Online?
    Bleach Online is a MMORPG Browser game developed forma GoGames and based in the anime/manga Bleach.
    What is Bleach?
    Bleach is an anime based on Tite Kubo's manga of the same name.

    The series have a total of 366 episodes.

    How to play Bleach Online?
    You will start choosing tour main character (Ghost Sword, Kid y Spirit) all of them with differents abilities and status.
    You will have to choose you teammate and differents possibilities of formations 

    When yoy want to resto of the fights of Bleach Online you could answer a test of the manga of Bleach, answer correctly will give you rewards.

    The game contain an Auto Task for novice players, and with that you will never get confuse.

    And now I present you 6 tips of how to play Bleach Online.
    Ghost Blade is the best character to start with. As their 10th skill can 1 hit opponent supporter in pvp (with similar battle power).
    Kido is the easiest character in earlier stage. As they do strategy dmg (pve/pvp enemy vanguard has a higher physical def, lower strategy def)
    Soul Blade is not recommended. As most of the partners recruit from tavern are either manic blade (ghost blade type) or kido. Soul Blade couldnt share his/her equip with them (different weapon).

    The best way to spend your coupon, is to use them in spirit stone shop.
    As spirit stones will not depreciate their value over time.

    Save all your skill scroll and lv up 8th/9th (pve)and 10th skill (pvp).
    8th for cash players, who will buy Sogyo no Kotowari and Dark Rukia (both available in later cash shop).
    9th for free to play users, who use Zabimaru.

    Optional: In early stage, you can sell your skill scrolls (worth a lot of silver), which will more helpful in the beginning.

    Save all your Reiatsu Refining Pill. Reiatsu levelmultiple of 11 has much higher chance to triggerMajor critical hit (directly upgrade 1 level).
    For example, use the Refining Pill when leveling Reiatsu from lv 11 > 12, lv 22 > 23, lv 33 > 34 etcetera.

    While fortifying your equipment, priority fortify your weapons (increase dmg), second your shoes (increase speed).

    23 august 2017 13:47 1625

    I don't like it.
    Actually i don't know a person who like that type of games.

    5 march 2019 21:38 1625

    i think its a bad game

    6 march 2019 01:49 1625

    Nice article, but I think the game is bad.

    6 march 2019 06:36 1625

    very nice article but yea very bad game

    6 march 2019 15:26 1625


    6 march 2019 20:47 1625

    nicer nice gut gutten

    6 march 2019 20:56 1625

    i'm tired with mmorpg

    7 march 2019 11:38 1625

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