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    Race Driver : Grid

    Grid (also known as Race Driver : Grid) is a racing video game developed and published by Codemasters which is also known for making games like Dirt and F1 Series. It is available on Microsoft Windows on Steam, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo. It is a part of the Toca Series.
    The game is of 6 GB on PC and is a downloadable title. It uses an engine named Ego which is an improved form of the engine which the Dirt Series ran on. The game provides an intense, highly focused experience that offers nearly everything a racing game should – speed precision, competition, and hard-won progression. It has a wide range of inrernational venues and racing disciplines. Three main regions are found in the game, United States, Europe, and Japan, each with their own championship. The game features 43 cars and several types of events to compete in, including a GT championships, drifting,demolition derby etc. The main aim of the Grid World mode is to increase your reputation as a driver and earn money to buy new vehicles. The game is challenging, and the believable AI opponents will happily smash you into walls. Head-on collisions will often take you out of a race completely, but the Flashback feature allows you to get back in the race and continue from the point you have chosen. Great graphics and the fantastic driving experience that will satisfy fans of simulation as well as arcade racers will convince any car freak. Codemasters celebrates the racing circus with such enthusiasm that the gamer can’t resist. This game is quite amazing. The game surprises you with its beauty before hooking you with its effects and finally landing you with its enormous gameplay depth. Grid received good reviews on all platforms.

    The game is great. It is recommended for those gamers who love arcade racing and are racing fans. I rate the game 9/10.

    23 august 2017 13:43 1625

    Why don't you post this as an article instead of a thread? You'll get much more XP and Soul Gems

    23 august 2017 16:10 1625

    we still dont have a button to report topics, so xp farmers can do this :(

    17 february 2019 15:59 1625

    I love the game of this genre

    26 february 2019 12:01 1625

    I hate the game of this genre

    26 february 2019 12:16 1625

    you better write an article about this

    28 february 2019 18:47 1625

    I dont like racing games

    1 march 2019 12:11 1625

    i like racing stuff

    2 march 2019 12:13 1625

    some people post their articles in the forum section to get feedback before trying for the articles to ensure (or atleast try to) they get accepted

    5 march 2019 00:08 1625

    I wrote 3 articles and all 3 of them got rejected. 2 first ones, I do accept why they got rejected but the 3rd one man

    7 march 2019 18:04 1625

    I felt like it was perfect..

    7 march 2019 18:04 1625

    I appreciate the forum...:)

    8 march 2019 02:03 1625

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