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    So, I thought this is yet another fluke site to get clicks and stuff, but i kinda feel 50-50, as i got a few cent mp7 skin (CSGO) but the twist was that i couldn't withdraw the skin. So i tried contacting them, they said, its possible to withdraw and yet its showing 'item refused' So, if you're going to do it, first try with a small skin/amount and if it works then you can proceed with confidence, rightnow i don't have enough SG to give it another try, so I am thinking to give it one final shot and then i'll probably pass from all this non-sense if this attempt fails. Will update soon...
    So what i was hoping is that if i can get anything out of this site then its pretty neat and clean site for starters, as it doesn't ask for any deposits and what-so-ever, so i'm hoping that we can get something out of this.
    Anyone got huge SG from this site, consider stating below, which may give hope to others and can lead to cut the time waste and effort put into this thing, thank you guys
    I'll update with good results, hoping to get atleast a few cent item out of this site and into my inventory, so that i'd feel satisfied for the hours of days put into this site and the stuff that goes into doing all this, which are wasting time and login daily for 5SG which would take forever to get to 1000SG which then can have some pretty good outcomes for better items...
    And I even tried playing mini games but they're a bit hard to earn SG as it very little amount and takes much time, by the way did i mention that they have browser games which are nice and small but very little xp, so better do them dialy and *be Patient*
    Patience is the key... 

    23 august 2017 13:24 1625

    I never had a problem with this site, yeah sure I did get some task/article rejects when I was new but I learned the problem and got them accepted. I've gotten a random steam cd key that works from this site and that made me trust the site a little bit. but I gotta say the community here is the best, they are really helpful and they are the reason why I'm still on the site (or at least came back to it after 5 months lol)

    30 december 2018 16:24 1625

    its pretty good but threre a lot of glitches

    15 march 2019 15:56 1625

    Has everyone here got all their rewards doing tasks and playing games? I haven't had my all SG's credited and support hasn't been very helpful so far. Is it worth investing my time?

    15 march 2019 16:38 1625

    yeah your right daily login takes a lot of time

    15 march 2019 20:56 1625

    good article

    16 march 2019 00:20 1625

    no good offer for my country

    16 march 2019 03:42 1625

    game hag is a very good

    17 march 2019 13:42 1625

    honestly if you just use this site to play the games you have fun with, you'll enjoy the process a lot more

    18 march 2019 08:08 1625


    18 march 2019 15:24 1625

    I am only her to get 10 $ steam

    18 march 2019 22:20 1625


    19 march 2019 01:01 1625

    Why my task are getting rejected

    19 march 2019 03:54 1625

    You can level up by commenting on thread's , article's , completing contract's and game's , ect . .

    19 march 2019 08:56 1625

    i dont konow how to level up faster but it seems that if you comment on games or articles even forums you can have a little experience points. like if you agree

    19 march 2019 09:04 1625

    Very good experience anyway

    19 march 2019 10:12 1625

    One of the best app

    19 march 2019 16:54 1625

    This is a pretty much good and well-chosen topic.

    19 march 2019 16:59 1625

    keep play your game i think

    19 march 2019 18:37 1625

    I keep getting the random steam cds, even from the 3 million user chests.

    19 march 2019 20:57 1625

    I hope it works

    20 march 2019 14:29 1625

    Lol all these bots here. I personally think it's a nice idea, but I do not have a good gaming PC to play these kick *** games haha.

    20 march 2019 20:59 1625

    Guys what you think about this site i think this is one of the best sites for freeskins and free games and steam money and other thinks

    20 march 2019 21:05 1625

    Its a pretty big process i which it was easier

    20 march 2019 23:32 1625

    Guys just think after some of you effort you can get free games nothing comes like magic

    20 march 2019 23:40 1625

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