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    I am offered 30%+ for warthunder tasks and finished the 1st one. Ive send in a screenshot right away but am waiting since yesterday for approval. Does the bonus apply to the date of submission or approval?

    13 december 2019 16:28 1628

    Seems unfair tbh. But thanks for the info.

    13 december 2019 16:32 1628

    And how do you use runes then? If the rune is active for 24h but approval takes up to 48h?

    13 december 2019 16:33 1628

    It falls under the same rules. If your rune runs out before approval, then the bonus from it won't apply either.

    14 december 2019 22:48 1628

    Again thats quite unfair and basically a gamble. Some tasks took less than an hour others (warthunder) way longer :/

    15 december 2019 00:58 1628

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