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    What methods to get SG could be added to GameHag??

    -Hello and good days, evenings or nights to all in Gamehag-
    I am PanteraNegra22 and I am here today to present some doubts that has the community and would like to add, or perhaps give an opinion on how it would affect within GameHag, so join me brothers and sisters.

    We know that within Gamehag there are a variety of ways both to level up and/or get gems of soul but... how can we help or improve this community to be even more participatory and i do not speak of SteamCodes.Com (cof ... cof...) in that he was going??, To yes.

    We know that change is a benefit that favors to anyone that needs it, but every good thing has its bad thing, I will give today 3 things you should think about Gamehag developers that could implement or at least think of something better to take into account.

    So let's start!!!.

    1- Videos of advertising:
    This was seen in the forums most likes the idea, to me in particular I like and don't like, i like it because it is a quick and easy way to get a SG free but there is a small problem, advertising sometimes is not very reliable and sometimes viruses could lead, of course that can be verified and try to be avoided but that does not mean that we are safe, and also for the exploitation of these, Knowing that it is an easy way to get SG can be exploited very easily until you reach the point of just keep getting gems to get all the awards, I think they should put how to view two videos and acambio give you 5 SG is not much, but knowing that you are free that does not bother anyone.

    2- Individual missions:
    This I like a little more knowing that it is not as simple as the previous one, but it is a way to get SG jajajaaj also, the case, it could be said that in a positive way this would help more people to not only arrive and try to get to the gems that need to get something, but to get that they want and start again to go on the other hand, The bad thing is that knowing that must be a mission for each player is more complicated than just to get there and it has to be specific, well detailed, and easy to understand, in addition to each person would have either a different or equal either, as decided by the of GameHag, (an example would be say a mission in which you have to get 1000pts in a mini-game (specified) and you get 10SG)

    3- Chest Daily:
    We know that this is a treasure chest with a roulette that each day will give you a prize, if normal what are its benefits??, every day you can get SG free either to give you from 1SG or up to 20SG clear GameHag and if they like it, could put up to special as another safe either runes with games, or just runes, this method has many qualities but what happens?, the bad thing is, A free safe and free you of SG is a little move knowing that these gems must be obtained from with any requirement and not free because those who lose out are those of GameHag, giving SG without receiving anything and that there may be people who just go every day just to pick up the hood and get away as if nothing, But this idea does not go amiss, here I cannot give a clear example but the rewards would be something like SG, Runes and if a hood that would be the most difficult to achieve.

    Well this is all thank you for reading this Opinion/News jajaaj, i hope you like it, and leave in the comments What do you think of these three points that I put and which would you?? Both its advantages and disadvantages,  

    Hope to see you soon, Bye!

    22 august 2017 19:16 1625

    i think all of the are greate ideas.

    14 july 2019 13:39 1625

    Nice post and

    14 july 2019 14:24 1625

    nice one man

    14 july 2019 15:27 1625

    весьма неплохая статья

    14 july 2019 16:42 1625

    i think all of your metods work ! and thanks for the tips

    14 july 2019 17:13 1625

    The image has a guy with a sword. I now see the car, but I didn't think this was a car game. More like a post-apocalyptic world with swords. Also, I'm pretty sure I played against bots: I destroyed 2 players in my first match without taking any damage. Every other match, the enemies had better looking cars, while our team mostly consisted of rusty old nooby cars.

    And with that, we still manage to obliterate them, losing one teammember max during a match. I'm pretty sure I fought against bots, because no way that a new guy like my can have a 25 winning streak, and 0 losses.

    Whether they were actually bots or not, the game counted it as a win against live players. I got my soul gems for playing less than an hour, and they arrived within minutes after posting a screenshot. Keep in mind, that if you played Warthunder, you'd need to register with another email. Log in with the already registered account and you probably won't get anything.

    14 july 2019 17:40 1625

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