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    How to earn Experience points and level up in Gamerhag and Why it is worth it?

    This guide shows you how to earn Experience points and why it is worth it.
    The Experience Bar on the top right of your window just below your Profile picture, it shows you current level and how much % of level you have completed. Leveling up in Gamerhag is pretty easy you earn experience points by talking in forum. So sadly, the best and only way to earn Experience is via talking to others in forum about games and any stuff you want. It take some gems of your own to start a discussion on any topic though but it's free to talk in any discussion that exists.
    But why would you wanna level up at all? It's because of following benifits :-
    1. You get a small amount SG when you level up.
    2. For some codes it's a prerequisite that you a above or at a certain level before you can use them.
    3. At level 6 you can share your SG with your friends and invite others you get 200 SG for every 1000SG they earn
    So all in all, experience point are kind of helping tool to earn some more SG for your free rewards.

    22 august 2017 19:08 1625

    nice work!

    25 april 2019 06:23 1625

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