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    1)What is Magic Nations?

    Magic Nations is a free to play fantasy card game full of magic and danger. The game features six races: Humans, Amazons, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, and Necromancers. Magic Nations strategy card game will pit you against players from all over the world but most of all, Magic Nations is a casual game here you will be able to play and relax.


    Magic Nations is populated by six races: Humans, Amazons, Elves, Dwarves, Necromancers and Orcs. Each race has its strong and weak points. Discover their strengths and become the best player you can be! Get new character cards, take part in tournaments, sell the card you no longer need and profit!



    Wise and eternal elves. They have powerful healing abilities. They can wield the elements of fire, air, water, light and earth.



    The 'King of people' has some of the best royal knights. Cunning and courageous human heroes.



    Sinister and mysterious Necromancers who never sleep. A deadly army of ghosts and their leader, the “Fallen King”, will try to destroy everything that is in their path. 



    Beautiful and bold Amazons. They know the art of war and are characterized by a great organization.



    Bold and belligerent dwarves. They have very advanced weapons and some surprising tricks up their sleeve.



    Strong and brutal orcs. 'Chieftain of the Orcs' ruler and his mighty beasts.


    The battlefield is where you fight your opponent. This is the place where the greatest Magic Nations battles take place. You can choose two types of gameplay: Campaign or a Quick Game. Player's battlefield is comprised of two rows: first - melee or attacking units, second - range units. The right strategy will lead you to success. Make sure you get to know the strengths of each race and find weak points of your opponent. Always plan few steps ahead and the victory will be yours!


    4)Character Card


    Each card represents a set of parameters unique to the particular race. These are as follows: agility, attack, defense and health. Each card also contains information about unit's special abilities. In the world of Magic Nations there are four types of cards: regular, magic, legendary, and ancient. Regular cards are the majority and they are the base of your deck. To obtain new cards you have to play the Campaign. You can also buy and sell your cards with other players which will allow you to purchase new cards.


    friends i played the game really nice, Sorry for bad english good games.

    8 december 2019 16:10 1625


    15 december 2019 01:42 1625

    good for starters

    17 december 2019 05:32 1625

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