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    should I make threads, comment on threads or commend on articles for xp?

    all are quite
    efective, maybe do all if you're up to it

    12 october 2019 11:01 1628

    I would reccomend doing this, but do not make the title as spam for xp because Gamehag might see your forum/thread and temporarily/permanantly ban you. Also, make sure that you do not spam too much in

    12 october 2019 11:19 1628

    yes i think thats true

    21 november 2019 16:20 1628

    sYour comment is too short

    21 november 2019 18:45 1628

    i just comment bcs i need 10 xp for lvl 3 xD

    21 november 2019 18:53 1628

    Hey i know this isn't the place for this but i can't make my own threads yet and i can't find anywhere else to ask this. What do i do if an article that i wrote got rejected? is there any way to dispute it? It was rejected for "Spam or Plagiarism" which isn't very specific. I didn't plagiarise anything and i wasn't trying to spam so i don't know why it got rejected.

    21 november 2019 18:57 1628

    Tried asking support?

    21 november 2019 22:22 1628

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