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    How to take a screenshot that wil get accepted-Tutorial

    First of all, make sure you did everything else correct You click the link in gamehag that leads you to the registration page for crossout then you make a new account with the email you used to sign up in gamehag and a username similar to that in gamehag. When you are done with the task you click on your avatar and then go to Badges->Missions and there should be a badge for wins that shows the number of your current wins if everything looks correct use print screen or a crop tool to take a screenshot fo your screen. Make sure the game is in windowed mode so the date and time is also visible in the picture. And lastly, if you did everything listed here and your task still gets rejected make a ticket to Misty and explain to her your problem she will fix it for you if you did everything correctly

    5 december 2019 13:21 2176

    But in the case that I already did an Gajin game Account... Is that impossible to me to complete task for this game? Can I do another account, a secondary one? If is that possible my email will not be the same, right? What I supposed to do?

    24 december 2019 18:26 2176

    yes you have to create a second account with a second email and you wil be good

    24 december 2019 20:25 2176

    np mate I'm glad I could help

    25 december 2019 16:09 2176

    Hi, I am new in the platform and I just tried to upload a screanshot. On the picture it is very clear that I have 15 wins. I just saw here that maybe the problem which led to the rejection is that the nickname in the game is a little bit different with my mail. Can I do something in that case to complete the task siccessfully?

    5 january 2020 22:53 2176

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