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    other ways to earn soul gems?

    i choose the offer rise of kingdom and i did level up to level 3 as the task demands but i didn't get any soul gems :(

    5 december 2019 11:22 1628

    yea, ik for some reason it keeps saying that the account is not new, even though it is, u could give a go to do quizzes, although u need to get high marks for it so u get soul gems, or you can try the minigames, even though theyre hard (then theres also daily steam chest, weekly chest and monthly chest, you could get some from there although ive always gotten 5 soul gems at most from that)

    5 december 2019 14:19 1628

    i played diffrnt of games and its my first time tryingb them how ever it always says new account when already it is ughhh i do watch ads ( kinda helpful )

    5 december 2019 14:38 1628

    Guys i really really recommend the app zone very useful and it is the fastest way to get soulgems . It will help you alot.

    7 december 2019 01:39 1628

    just go to appzone it gives you a lot o soul gems and do tasks like installing a game and opening it its very easy and when you complete the task just delete the game afterwards and be sure to read the descriptiong of each task

    9 december 2019 14:35 1628

    im usig the app game in my mobile it is helpful but i played many games and i didn't get soul gems from the tasks even though my account were new this is kinda upsetting

    9 december 2019 15:32 1628

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