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    Is roblox still alive?

    The servers are still going but the number of player are decreasing. What do y'all think?

    1 december 2019 13:58 1628

    HMMmmm everyone are mature now

    1 december 2019 14:21 1628

    Yes, i think its still a decent game, and about the players, imo they are getting banned or just getting bored of the game, thats just what happens to all games

    1 december 2019 14:21 1628

    Roblox is kind of getting dead due to being a pay to win game, since they deleted the tix people need to pay roblox just to get robux or become a member of the builder club (which you need to pay monthly too), most of the good games require atleast 25 robux which means that only rich kids can play those games, thank god we still have gamehag

    1 december 2019 14:44 1628

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