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    Are earning gems with android games?

    Says in contracts that you can win gems reaching certain levels in android games but there are comments in the app saying that it does not work

    19 august 2017 23:06 1628

    yeah is fake I think the only way to make soul gems is to simply donate.

    19 august 2017 23:36 1628

    Not me..
    I don't like to use mobile to earn stuff.. 😕

    20 august 2017 09:29 1628

    I think it is possible

    20 august 2017 12:01 1628

    didnt work for me

    14 march 2019 14:28 1628

    It works. For me at least, I haven't got any problems yet. I'm getting my rewards daily by playing games and completing in-game tasks. You can do the same! It's a good way to get SGs faster...

    14 march 2019 14:56 1628

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