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    people who were able to claim any thing good from the rewards page? comment here please. because I think that this site might be a scam, well at least I tried a lot of other sites and apps that use the same system and this one was the easiest and the fastest one that worked so far in my country and I'm so close to claiming my first reward.

    19 august 2017 18:12 1628

    well im hoping that its not scam i menaged to get 3000+ sg an i buy steam wallet 5Euros still waiting to be delivered it has pass 2 days so maybe tomorow i will get maybe no i will try to replie to ur question if i get my card that i order (sry for bad english)

    19 august 2017 18:26 1628

    hope you will be able to claim your reward soon. no problem about your English, btw there is a very nice addon on google chrome that will help you it's called "Grammarly" it helps me a lot with any English mistakes 👍👍👍

    19 august 2017 18:33 1628

    hey did anyone of u copleted tash wartune ,godwars , hunter x online or bleach mine all refused

    19 august 2017 19:24 1628

    Claimed a 5 euros steam gift last Sunday and still I have no news. Complained three times already and I hadn't any answer yet. If by tomorrow I don't get a solution I'll call it a scam.

    19 august 2017 19:39 1628

    I withraw 3 cheap csgo skins, got steam offer second day. Now I tried withdrawing AK 47 | Elite Build ... already w8ing 4 days, don't know what to think.

    19 august 2017 20:00 1628

    macro_perez if what you said is true then I think this site is all just a scam, unfortunately.

    19 august 2017 21:29 1628

    okay, I ordered 5$ steam gift card and I'm going to wait for 72H like they said in the FAQ and then I will contact them and wait a day then I will say it's a scam (everywhere)

    19 august 2017 21:59 1628

    dam that not sound to god :(

    19 august 2017 22:40 1628

    I bought Skyrim. I was waiting for 9 day so I wrote to misty how long does it take te get your reward. and she wrote: "due to rules, you might wait up to 30 days for your cd key to be delivered, but I understand your impatience" // after that I got the game

    20 august 2017 01:32 1628

    I have ordered a steam wallet(5€) seven days ago, but my rewards is still pending until now 🎷

    20 august 2017 03:46 1628

    I still want to believe the site is real. Maybe the owners are just way too busy with all the stuff on the site (checking articles and tasks for example) and it takes them a while to get you your rewards.

    20 august 2017 07:34 1628

    I think you should believe its real there are people here that say that they recrived their rewards so..

    20 august 2017 11:04 1628

    I really hope this site is real.

    20 august 2017 11:33 1628

    ok i menaged to contact suport via discord in marvelous discord now is gamehag suport to and very quick respond to get i still didint get my steam 5E i contact them and he was checking my account and say to wait till monday they are out of stock so yea gona wait and will see so yea there is still hope 👍

    20 august 2017 11:44 1628

    okay verstehe ich nicht

    20 august 2017 12:21 1628

    And thats a problem I thnink right

    22 august 2017 04:02 1628

    remember u need lvl 3 to collect rewards

    22 august 2017 04:06 1628

    We have some issues with our Steam Cards in EURO, we are currently working on a solution.

    23 august 2017 14:47 1628

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