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    Who else isn't able to play the game?

    It freezes at the main menu (i think) it's the scene where the characters in the game stand together in a group

    18 november 2019 10:06 2207

    The game looked so much fun too -_-

    18 november 2019 10:06 2207

    idk know this game

    18 november 2019 10:45 2207

    Then why are you here ;-;. True,the game isn't that famous,people barely play it,but its an Open World MMORPG and not that many MMORPG games are open world

    18 november 2019 12:07 2207

    I heard that this game has alot of problem's but it might still be ... Enjoyebal?
    but still don't knok till you try it, if possible.

    17 september 2021 16:17 2207

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