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    War Thunder : Get Started On Ground Battle Part 1

    Having enough WOT?Than try War Thunder!In this article we are going to look at every reserve tanks from USA to Germany.


    Arm with a 37mm cannon and 5 .30 machine guns,the M2A4 is a tier I light tank.The 37mm is fast firing,and have 2 types of AP ammo, AP and APC.Max speed 58km/hr make it a nimble tank.APC round makes it have more chance to pen its enemy's armor.It has 25mm armor to protect its crew from some heavy machine guns.


    Arm with a 37mm cannon just like the M2A4 and 3 .30 machine guns,LVT(A)(1) is relatively big and slow compare to other low tier tanks.But it makes it harder to defeat.It has 50mm armor on its turret,Its 12 mm hull armor seems useless,but its big body makes it almost impossible to br one shoted.And a big feature...it can floats on water!


    Pz.III B

    Compared to its American opponent,this german tank has a same size 37mm cannon but very different shell.It has PzGr APHE,its good after effect makes it a good one shot shell.What if it face a enemy with better armor?Just switch to PzGr 40 and your problem solve,maximum 91mm penetration can cut through every armor in it's tier.It's fatal weakness is its low speed,maximum 35km/hr makes it a easy target.

    Pz.35 (t)

    Well...not sure why anyone would use this if you already got Pz.III.It has 3 type of AP shell,APC,APCR and APCBC.The APC and APCBC has some explosive mass,but its after effect is not as good as Pz.III's APHE.The APCR has less penetration than the APCR Pz.III has.Its speed is even slower than Pz.III. In summary,I won't recommend any olayer to drive Pz.35(t),but if you really likes it,than just ignore what I said.

    17 august 2017 18:11 1625

    very good game

    24 february 2019 16:16 1625

    I realy don't like this game

    25 february 2019 12:19 1625

    Nicely done,make more

    25 february 2019 12:28 1625

    GG good game yes lol

    8 march 2019 11:50 1625

    GG good game yes

    8 march 2019 11:52 1625

    Thx for the informations !

    8 march 2019 13:42 1625

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