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    I dont understand?

    First this: Code available from another referrer
    and now we cant sell runes that are in our inventory anymore

    16 august 2017 20:14 1628

    Whats your problem?

    16 august 2017 22:38 1628

    I think you need to have a referrer. I have 4 and I didn't have that problem with any code.
    And yes, once you own the rune, you can't sell it. If you get a rune, open a new tab with gamehag and look at the runes description before you even try to do something.

    ps:"Mannaz Rune" is a good one. It will give you +40% for daily login during 7 days. This mean that you will get 7 gems instead of 5. 49 gems for 7 seven days(you would get 35 without it).

    17 august 2017 05:09 1628

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